Pagluluksa Notebook Series: The Hindi Niya 'Ko Gusto! Edition

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The Notebook for every stage of pagluluksa and kasawian


Wer n u? Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, o Acceptance stage?


In the third edition of Tita Witty's Pagluluksa Series, The Hindi Niya 'Ko Gusto! Edition shows you the symptoms of different stages with Tita Witty’s trademark witty lines and equally hilarious illustration. Na-seenzone ka ba? Na-friendzone? O tow-away zone? Use it as a notebook for your meeting minutes or diary for your daily dose of drama. Dahil ang unrequited love, tinatawanan.


  • 100 leaves/ 200 pages
  • Hardbound
  • Each page has a fun design printed on smooth cream paper
  • Who's Tita Witty?

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